empty-bank-art-1Empty Bank – Jay IDK

Jay IDK is one of the best new artists out. This concept album features songs about his thoughts on money and it’s effect on people. With trap beats, self aware lyrics backed by instrumental melodies, and great wordplay, Empty Bank has it all. I recently described exactly what I was thinking as I listened to each song for the first time, you can read that here. This album is very well rounded and Jay IDK is a young man you should stop sleeping on.

  • Standout Songs: “Boy’s Innocence”, “She Blocked Me / Brian Arsinal” “I Picture”
  • Listen if you like SubTrap, conscious Rap, or Section.80.

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bc5f0f6b754c0e313fecefeeea50991d5 O’Clock Shadow – Jimi Tents

Jimi Tents is another fresh face that has made his way onto the scene by making great music. His EP features everything from laid back production and introspective lyricism to upbeat bangers that make you want to rage. His shining moments are those when he shows off his lyricism and flow in a way that makes you think this guy is going to go far. You will be pleasantly surprised by this guy, do yourself a favor and press play.

  • Standout Songs: “Should’ve Called” (feat. Jay Bell), “Landslide”, “Elmer Fudd” (feat. Moxie Raia)
  • Listen if you like Mick Jenkins, Isaiah Rashad, or laid back lyricists.

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amir-obe-wont-find-love-in-the-hills-album-coverWon’t Find Love in the Hills EP – Amir Obe

Amir Obe perfects the drunk-love sound on this EP. It is short but sweet, featuring just three songs. With production that sets the mood and crooning that occasionally features a vocal effect or two, this project is perfect for late night vibes. Obe’s name is probably one you haven’t heard before but that definitely shouldn’t stop you from plaything this project.

  • Standout Songs: “Before the Vomit, “Took You Seriously”, “One Night Thing”
  • Listen if you like R&B, The Weeknd, dvsn, or Travis Scott.

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i_dont_like_shit_i_dont_go_outside_an_album_by_earl_sweatshirtI Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside – Earl Sweatshirt

Earl Sweatshirt is one of the best rappers in the game, that’s just a fact. His lyricism is on par with that of those who often think of as legends. He has a knack for weaving his rhymes in and out of each line. IDLSIDGO features beats which match Earl’s flow well. Put plainly, if you like Rap, you will like this project.

  • Standout Songs: “Mantra”, “AM // Radio”, “Wool” (feat. Vince Staples)
  • Listen if you like Odd Future, classic Rap, or lyricism.

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mac_miller_watching_movies_with_the_sound_off_coverWatching Movies With The Sound Off – Mac Miller

Mac Miller is an artist that has gone through incredible change and growth throughout his career. If you are like me, you were bumping K.I.D.S., The High Life, and Best Day Ever when you were in high school. Watching Movies With The Sound Off is an album that shows the amount of change that happened is Mac’s life between those mixtapes and his sophomore album. More lyrical rhymes and better production, has the vibe of the album moving more towards thoughtful druggie Rap and away from happy frat Rap. This is a slept on album that you will really enjoy if you give it a chance.

  • Standout Songs: “Avian”, “Red Dot Music” (feat. Action Bronson), “Aquarium”
  • Listen if you like Earl Sweatshirt, Ab-Soul, and mellow production.

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